SCPC Outlines PBM Reforms Needed to Protect Consumers, Elderly Patients, LTC Pharmacies

Tells House Energy and Commerce Health Panel Medicare Part D Has Become Oligopolistic Market Benefitting Only PBMs and Their Conglomerates…Read More.

New Report on Prescription Drug Costs: PBMs “Rife with Potential Conflicts of Interest”

SCPC Praises Senate HELP Committee’s Ongoing Examination of Drug Costs, says “PBM Oligopoly Maintains Anti-Competitive Stranglehold on LTC Pharmacies and Patients Under Their Care”…Read More.

New SCPC Comments to FTC Detail Steps to Foster Competition in Pharmaceutical Pricing and Supply Chain

2017 Year-End Focus on Drug Pricing by Senate HELP, House Energy and Commerce Committees Demonstrate Ongoing Saliency of Examining PBM Market Manipulation…Read More.

National LTC Pharmacy Group Praises Proposed CMS Rule for Recognizing PBM Abuses, Proposing Ways to Stop Them

SCPC Also Lauds Implementation of 2016 CARA Bill Recognizing Essential Difference Between LTC and Retail Pharmacies…Read More.

National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC) Survey Spotlights PBM Credibility, Trust Deficit

Just One-Third of Employers Rate Their PBM as “Very Trustworthy”…Read More.

Nation’s Independent Long Term Care Pharmacies Commend Administration for Nomination of Alex Azar II for Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

SCPC today commended President Trump for his nomination of Alex Azar for Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)…Read More.

Time to Pull the Plug on Unaccountable PBM Middlemen

Morning Consult
Draining the “Washington Swamp” is a staple of today’s political and campaign discourse. But there also exists a health policy “swamp” brought to light at the recent Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee hearing regarding the prescription drug distribution chain…Read More.

CVS-Aetna Merger Proposal Emblematic of Growing Arms Race to Consolidate, Control Consumer Access to Health Care, Prescription Drugs

In Wake of HELP Hearing on Rising Drug Prices, Merger Plan Criticized as Anti-Consumer Shell Game…Read More.

New Anthem PBM Serviced by CVS Perpetuates Oligopolistic, Anti-Consumer Shell Game

Commenting on health insurer Anthem’s announcement that it will launch its own “in house” pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) to be managed by CVS Health Corp., the Senior Care Pharmacy Coalition (SCPC) said the development represents a perpetuation of the oligopolistic, anti-consumer shell game…Read More.

Solutions to PBM Pricing Abuses Must Address Entire Drug Supply Chain

SCPC Tells HELP Committee “A comprehensive full-spectrum solution is the only real option”…Read More.

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