Sector-specific LTC pharmacy data warehouse now a reality

As medication management regimes and clinical functions become more complex, assisted living and skilled-nursing facilities will need to turn to the expertise of long-term care (LTC) pharmacies…Read More.

Sector-specific LTC pharmacy data warehouse now a reality

Ensuring the provision of quality post-acute care in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities requires the need to direct and perform an increasingly complex array of medication management regimes and clinical functions…Read More.

PBMs Swimming Against Rising Tide of More Drug Pricing Transparency

Morning Consult
Amid the public uproar surrounding skyrocketing drug prices, Pharmacy Benefit Managers — the pharmaceutical industry’s primary middlemen — are attracting new scrutiny from key members of Congress increasingly disturbed by benefit managers’ complex array of surreptitious pricing practices and protocols…..Read More

Atlanta Business Radio Interviews SCPC Vice-Chairman Fred Burke

Listen to SCPC Vice-Chairman Fred Burke on Atlanta Business Radio discuss the vital role of Long-Term Care Pharmacies and how veiled pricing practices by PBMs are affecting patients……Read More

Winning the drug war

If medication management is not at the very top of Debbie Meade’s list of most important issues, it is darn close. ….Read More

Regulators will hone in on pharmacy benefit managers as ‘unaccountable middlemen’ in 2017, expert predicts

Healthcare Finance
The role of pharmacy benefit managers as “unaccountable middlemen” in the national drug pricing chain will result in a higher level of scrutiny from Congress, regulators and the media in 2017….Read More

LTC providers ‘win’ with new regs on drug repackaging, group says

Guidance on medication repackaging recently published by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is earning praise from one long-term care pharmacy group, which says the final guidelines help reduce drug-related risks for residents….Read More

FDA: Correct Draft Guidance on Drug Packaging

Morning Consult
In 2013, Congress passed the Drug Quality and Security Act to strengthen the Food and Drug Administration’s supervision of compounded drugs. This legislation, passed in response to a nationwide outbreak of fungal meningitis, is well intentioned and designed to protect patient safety…Read More

Group Hopes Lawmakers Will Define ‘LTC Pharmacy’ By End Of Next Congress

Inside Health Policy
A long term care pharmacy coalition is calling on Congress to legislatively define the term “LTC pharmacy” in an effort to harmonize what it says are conflicting CMS, FDA and Environmental Protection Agency regulations…Read More

SCPC to Congress: Fix conflicting oversight and definitions of ‘LTC pharmacy’

Long-Term Living Magazine
The Senior Care Pharmacy Coalition (SCPC) wants Congress to iron out the complex maze of federal and state regulations and policies governing long-term care (LTC) pharmacies, warning that differing definitions and overlapping jurisdictions may jeopardize seniors’ access to quality care coordination…Read More

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