It’s Generics Not PBMs That Keep Pharmaceuticals Affordable

Expenditures on prescription drugs grew 12.4 percent in 2014 and 8.9 percent in 2015. These eye-popping data are not representative of the long-term expenditure trend, however…Read More.

Complete Pricing Transparency Can Help Trump Government Intervention

Pharm Pro
As the Trump Administration’s plan to lower the cost of prescription drugs continues to develop and unfold, transparency during rebate negotiation is emerging as a top priority…Read More.

Middlemen drive up patient drug costs

Insurers use pharmacy benefits managers to tilt playing field…Read More.

Tackling High Drug Costs: Administration Works to Rein in Middlemen

Morning Consult
Few problems generate stronger emotions than the cost of drugs. President Donald Trump identified bringing down drug prices as a key priority in his campaign, and his administration…Read More.

PBMs: Maligned as Middlemen, They’re Hearing Wedding Bells

Managed Care
The industry has been criticized for lack of transparency—and worse. Some see ‘a ton of sense’ in the proposed mergers with insurers and retailers. Others see a risk of even higher drug prices and a need for oversight…Read More.

Mergers between health insurers and pharmacy benefit managers could be bad for your health

Pharmacy benefit managers, which long ran under the public radar, now have President Trump’s attention. In a recent speech on drug pricing, he called out “the dishonest double-dealing that allows the middleman to pocket rebates and discounts that should be passed on to consumers and patients.”Read More.

Middlemen Who Save $$ On Medicines — But Maybe Not For You

Kaiser Health News
Guess who’s back grabbing headlines? Pharmacy benefit managers — those companies that serve as middlemen in the prescription drug pipeline…Read More.

Lawmaker wants pharmacists to be able to disclose price of a drug

A Michigan lawmaker wants to give pharmacists the right to disclose the actual price they paid for a drug…Read More.

New law removes the veil over rising prescription drug costs

Orlando Sentinel
Americans spend more per capita on prescription drugs than any other high-income country in the world. Many states have wrestled with the rising costs of these medications, particularly in Florida…Read More.

Many overpay for prescriptions when co-pays are higher than drug prices: Study

ABC News
People are often overpaying for prescription drugs when they are charged the insurance copay at the pharmacy, according to a new study from the University of Southern California…Read More.

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