Walden, Burgess request federal merger review of Pharmacy Benefit Managers

The Ripon Advance
U.S. Reps. Greg Walden (R-OR) and Michael Burgess (R-TX) want details about whether the mega-mergers among Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) has contributed to rising national drug prices for the more than 266 million Americans using PBM prescription drug plans…Read More.

Transparent pharmacy benefits: a path to rational drug costs

Now that states are moving to block pharmacy benefit managers from imposing “gag orders” on pharmacists, industry insiders and policymakers are sounding off louder than ever about the tendency for pharmacy benefit managers to extract value from the health system rather than add value to it…Read More.

How so-called rebates drive up the cost of prescription drugs

The Columbus Dispatch
Rebates demanded by pharmacy middleman from drug manufacturers are driving up Americans’ prescription-drug costs by billions of dollars…Read More.

States Question Costs Of Middlemen That Manage Medicaid Drug Benefits

Several states are questioning the cost of using pharmacy middlemen to manage their prescription drug programs…Read More.

Medicare Part D premiums down, CMS says, as administration aims to curtail swelling drug costs

Premiums for nursing home residents’ prescription drug plans have dipped for the second year in a row, in what the administration hopes is a sign that efforts to curb prescription costs might be taking hold…Read More.

LTC pharmacy group rips Medicare Part D ‘oligopoly, corrupting the free market,’ offers 7 fixes

One of the leading groups representing long-term care pharmacists is urging the federal government to “act swiftly” to address “skyrocketing drug costs” that are harming the field…Read More.

It’s Generics Not PBMs That Keep Pharmaceuticals Affordable

Expenditures on prescription drugs grew 12.4 percent in 2014 and 8.9 percent in 2015. These eye-popping data are not representative of the long-term expenditure trend, however…Read More.

Complete Pricing Transparency Can Help Trump Government Intervention

Pharm Pro
As the Trump Administration’s plan to lower the cost of prescription drugs continues to develop and unfold, transparency during rebate negotiation is emerging as a top priority…Read More.

Middlemen drive up patient drug costs

Insurers use pharmacy benefits managers to tilt playing field…Read More.

Tackling High Drug Costs: Administration Works to Rein in Middlemen

Morning Consult
Few problems generate stronger emotions than the cost of drugs. President Donald Trump identified bringing down drug prices as a key priority in his campaign, and his administration…Read More.

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