Alaska Becomes Latest State To Regulate PBMs

Inside Health Policy
This week Alaska became the latest state to require pharmacy benefit managers be licensed…Read More.

Delaware Makes Drug Prices More Transparent

Delaware Public Radio
A new law eliminates the so-called gag clause making it easier for pharmacists to tell patients in Delaware about the lowest prices for their prescriptions…Read More.

Consumer Advocates Urge State Insurance Regulators To Use Authority To Fight High Drug Prices

Inside Health Policy
Two consumer advocates recently urged state insurance regulations to weigh using their administrative power — including rate review authority — to control rising drug costs and improve transparency, even if state legislators are unable to push through changes…Read More.

PBMs Are Hogging Our Drug Discounts

The Trump administration has aimed a dagger at the heart of high pharmacy bills: the go-betweens in the supply chain that have been gouging insurers, drugmakers, and, most importantly, consumers…Read More.

To Help Seniors Served by LTC Pharmacies, DIR Fees Should Simply be Prohibited

Morning Consult
Tired of being kept in the dark about the mysterious prescription drug cost pricing process, Congress has proposed a variety of bipartisan legislative reforms designed to shed light on a system seemingly designed at the outset to confuse, befuddle and bewilder…Read More.

Walden, Burgess request federal merger review of Pharmacy Benefit Managers

The Ripon Advance
U.S. Reps. Greg Walden (R-OR) and Michael Burgess (R-TX) want details about whether the mega-mergers among Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) has contributed to rising national drug prices for the more than 266 million Americans using PBM prescription drug plans…Read More.

Transparent pharmacy benefits: a path to rational drug costs

Now that states are moving to block pharmacy benefit managers from imposing “gag orders” on pharmacists, industry insiders and policymakers are sounding off louder than ever about the tendency for pharmacy benefit managers to extract value from the health system rather than add value to it…Read More.

How so-called rebates drive up the cost of prescription drugs

The Columbus Dispatch
Rebates demanded by pharmacy middleman from drug manufacturers are driving up Americans’ prescription-drug costs by billions of dollars…Read More.

States Question Costs Of Middlemen That Manage Medicaid Drug Benefits

Several states are questioning the cost of using pharmacy middlemen to manage their prescription drug programs…Read More.

Medicare Part D premiums down, CMS says, as administration aims to curtail swelling drug costs

Premiums for nursing home residents’ prescription drug plans have dipped for the second year in a row, in what the administration hopes is a sign that efforts to curb prescription costs might be taking hold…Read More.

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