WATCH: PBM Cup of Coffee

Community Oncology Alliance
Getting your medications, like coffee, should be simple. And it shouldn’t involve a harmful, expensive pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) middleman. It is time to stop PBM abuses…Watch Here.


Exploring a tool that millions of Americans use every day when paying for prescription drugs, the Pacific Research Institute today released a new research brief exploring how Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) impact prescription drug costs, access, and patient care
…Read More

Inside the ‘Scorpion Room’ Where Drug Price Secrets Are Guarded

Susan Hayes can’t forget the trek from the parking lot, across a dusty patch of Arizona desert, to a dingy building without air conditioning and through a door marked “Scorpion Room”…Read More

WATCH: Why the Cost of Drugs is So Opaque

Morning Joe
MSNBC’s Morning Joe discusses drug price hikes, Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) as drug pricing “middlemen” and the need for transparency…Watch here.

Long-term care pharmacy: missed opportunities

One thing I’ve learned since joining this business years ago is that if you want a creative, persuasive thinker on your team, you could do a whole lot worse than Alan Rosenbloom…Read More

Another Voice: Benefit managers contribute to high drug prices

The Buffalo News
If our country truly wants to lower drug prices, then it should take a long hard look at the role played by pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs)….Read More

PBM Express Scripts loses biggest client Anthem

Modern Healthcare
Express Scripts said Monday that its biggest client, Anthem, will not renew its contract with the pharmacy benefit manager after the current agreement expires at the end of 2019…Read More

In the debate over rising drug prices, both drugmakers and PBMs claim innocence

Drug companies have pointed the finger at middlemen in the health-care system, saying they not only benefit from rising drug prices but contribute to their increases…Read More

Transparency needed on companies that manage prescription drugs

The Sacramento Bee
Here’s the reality: Those benefits are administered by the most influential segment of the health care industry that you’ve never heard of. These companies are called pharmacy benefits managers (PBM)…Read More

Another Sneaky PBM Practice Needs to End

Real Clear Health
When the nation’s largest pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) and insurance giant sued each other last year over how much each company made in profits, the curtain was raised on the oversized role PBMs play in determining what consumers pay for their prescription drugs…Read More

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