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Abusive, Opaque PBM Pricing Schemes Receive More Attention Over Summer Congressional Recess

As New State Laws Target Anti-Consumer PBM “Clawbacks,” ABC News Reports on Related Lawsuits…Read More.

Pharmacy chains accused of overcharging for generic drugs

ABC News
Watch Here.

Want to Bring Down Drug Prices? Go After the Middleman

The American Prospect
“Pharmacy benefit managers”—companies that claim to lower prices—actually jack them up…Read More.

Hospital Impact—PBMs are worsening the opioid epidemic

Fierce Healthcare
For Americans younger than 50, the leading cause of death used to be injuries caused by accidents. Now, the biggest killer isn’t car crashes or ladder falls—it’s drug overdoses…Read More.

Middlemen Who Save $$ On Medicines — But Maybe Not For You

Kaiser Health News
Pharmacy benefit managers — companies that are often unnoticed and even less understood by most consumers — hold an important place in the prescription drug-pricing pipeline…Read More.

Market Reforms To Improve Pharmaceutical Outcomes

The drama of “repeal and replace” resembled an unfunny version of a Monty Python skit, continuously claiming that it was “not dead yet”, and even that it was “getting better” only to be put out of its misery in the end…Read More.

Sector-specific LTC pharmacy data warehouse now a reality

As medication management regimes and clinical functions become more complex, assisted living and skilled-nursing facilities will need to turn to the expertise of long-term care (LTC) pharmacies…Read More.

Sector-specific LTC pharmacy data warehouse now a reality

Ensuring the provision of quality post-acute care in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities requires the need to direct and perform an increasingly complex array of medication management regimes and clinical functions…Read More.

Price Transparency Is Critical to Drug Pricing Solutions

Prescription drug costs are a hot political issue, not as much because of the share of the U.S. health care dollar they consume but because consumers pay a larger share of their drug costs out of pocket than they do for other health care…Read More.

Pharmacy `Clawbacks’ Focus of Newest State Law on PBMs

Bloomberg Gov
A new law in Connecticut would close a drug price loophole that’s been the subject of more than a dozen lawsuits around the U.S., taking aim at a practice by pharmacy benefit managers called pharmacy clawbacks…Read More.

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