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PBMs: Raising Drug Prices for Seniors… Pocketing “Rebates” for Themselves.

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Who Decides The Cost of Prescription Drugs?

As prescription drug costs skyrocket, President Trump promises to lower drug prices…Watch Here.

LTC Pharmacy Advocacy Group Praises Sen. Alexander, HELP Committee Focus on Drug Pricing

In praising Senate Health, Education, Pension and Labor (HELP) Chairman Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Committee members for initiating a key discussion on the rising cost of prescription drugs, the Senior Care Pharmacy Coalition (SCPC) today urged Congress to prioritize focus not just on the entire drug supply chain…Read More

Pharmacy Benefit Managers Contribute to High Drug Costs

The high cost of prescription drugs is an important issue for our members and employers. A recent investigation into Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) highlights their role in this trend…Read More.

Drug Rebates Reward Industry Players — And Often Hurt Patients

Kaiser Health News
Medicare and its beneficiaries aren’t the winners in the behind-the-scenes rebate game played by drugmakers, health insurers and pharmacy benefit managers, according to a paper published Tuesday in JAMA Internal Medicine…Read More.

Drug Lobbyists’ Battle Cry Over Prices: Blame the Others

The New York Times
Hundreds of independent pharmacists swarmed the House and Senate office buildings one recent afternoon, climbing the marble staircases as they rushed from one appointment to the next, pitching lawmakers on their plan to rein in the soaring drug prices that have enraged American consumers…Read More.

New Report: PBMs Push Drug Costs

Drug Topics
A new review of studies on the economic impacts of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) found that they have an adverse impact on the overall costs and prices of drugs…Read More.

PBMs Continue to Lose Health Policy Debate Surrounding Rising Costs, Pricing Transparency

The Senior Care Pharmacy Coalition (SCPC) today said Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMS) continue to lose ground surrounding the public debate on culpability for rising drug prices, and the need for significantly more drug pricing transparency along the nation’s pharmaceutical supply chain…Read More

New Study Finds High Prescription Drug Costs Are Not Driving Up U.S. Healthcare Costs

It’s easy for politicians and consumers to rage about the high price of prescription drugs, but Wayne Winegarden, Pacific Research Institute’s senior fellow in business and economics, said those prices are not to blame for the high cost of healthcare in the United States…Read More.

Pharmacy benefit managers add cost to healthcare, impose consumer and market burdens, study says

Healthcare Finance
Due to inefficiencies in the current regulatory framework, pharmacy benefit managers can add cost to the healthcare system and impose burdens on both consumers and market competition, according to a new study released by the Pacific Research Institute…Read More.

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