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Senate takes aim at pharmacy benefit managers’ role in rising drug costs

Modern Medicine
Amid concerns about the escalating cost of prescription drugs, the Senate’s Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee held hearings this summer to frame the Senate’s efforts moving forward…Read More.

Perverse Market Incentives Encourage High Prescription Drug Prices

Perverse Market
Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are the under-discussed market participants who manage prescription drug insurance for the vast majority of Americans…Read More.

Flurry Of Federal And State Probes Target Insulin Drugmakers And Pharma Middlemen

Kaiser Health News
Five states and a federal prosecutor are demanding information from insulin manufacturers and the pharmaceutical industry’s financial middlemen, seeking answers about their business relationships and the soaring price of diabetes drugs…Read More.

FTC, FDA To Probe Generic Competition, PBMs, Purchaser Consolidation

Inside Health Policy
An upcoming public workshop spearheaded by the Federal Trade Commission and FDA will delve into possible incentives for generic market entry, what can be done to address tactics used to stall generic competition, the role intermediaries play in drug pricing and how FTC can address these issues….Read More.

CVS-Aetna Merger Proposal Emblematic of Growing Arms Race to Consolidate, Control Consumer Access to Health Care, Prescription Drugs

In Wake of HELP Hearing on Rising Drug Prices, Merger Plan Criticized as Anti-Consumer Shell Game…Read More.

63% of employers say PBMs not transparent about how they make money

Becker’s Hospital Review
Only 30 percent of respondents said they understand the details of their PBM contracts, and 40 percent said they understand their PBM’s performance guarantees…Read More.

Cummings Investigates Reports That Plans, PBMs Favor Addictive Opioids Over Expensive, Less-Addictive Drugs

Inside Health Policy
Health plans and pharmacy benefit managers make it difficult for people to get less-addictive pain killers while making it easier for them to get cheaper, highly-addictive drugs….Read More.

New Anthem PBM Serviced by CVS Perpetuates Oligopolistic, Anti-Consumer Shell Game

Commenting on health insurer Anthem’s announcement that it will launch its own “in house” pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) to be managed by CVS Health Corp., the Senior Care Pharmacy Coalition (SCPC) said the development represents a perpetuation of the oligopolistic, anti-consumer shell game…Read More.

Pharmaceutical middle men reforms would save patients and taxpayers billions

The Hill
PBMs, the goliath health insurance middle-men wedged between plan managers, drug manufacturers, patients and pharmacies, make huge profits by forcing pharmacies to pay back a portion of drug sales after the sale has been completed…Read More.

PBMs: Their Role, the Problems, and How Practices Can Work With Them

With the increasing prevalence of oral oncolytics, PBMs and community oncologists have seen a concurrent increase in their mutual interaction. Each can rail against the other, claiming better, faster, and more cost-effective care, or community oncologists can find a way to co-exist with and manage PBMs in a manner that would benefit patients and their practice….Read More.

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