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PBMs: Their Role, the Problems, and How Practices Can Work With Them

With the increasing prevalence of oral oncolytics, PBMs and community oncologists have seen a concurrent increase in their mutual interaction. Each can rail against the other, claiming better, faster, and more cost-effective care, or community oncologists can find a way to co-exist with and manage PBMs in a manner that would benefit patients and their practice….Read More.

Solutions to PBM Pricing Abuses Must Address Entire Drug Supply Chain

SCPC Tells HELP Committee “A comprehensive full-spectrum solution is the only real option”…Read More.

Another New Study Details Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) Pocketing Rebates as Profits — Not Passing on to Patients Through Lower Premiums

Another new study undermines Pharmacy Benefit Managers’ (PBMs) empty claims that “rebates” they negotiate with drug makers are actually passed along to consumers…Read More.

House Lawmakers To CMS: Make Plans Share More Part D Rebates With Beneficiaries

Inside Health Policy
Senior Care Pharmacy Coalition President and CEO Alan Rosenbloom praised lawmakers for prodding CMS to do its job of overseeing the private deals that are supposed to benefit beneficiaries…Read More.

SCPC: New Study of Medicare “DIR” Fee Legislation Helps Demonstrate PBMs as Bad Actors Across Full Spectrum of Transactions

Solutions to PBM Pricing Abuses Must Address Entire Drug Supply Chain…Read More.

It’s time to eliminate the secretive Pharmacy Benefit Manager pricing practices

The Hill
With federal lawmakers introducing a variety of bipartisan, bicameral legislation throughout 2017 aimed at eliminating opaque and secretive Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) pricing practices, the increasingly controversial middlemen…Read More.

Hospital Impact—Pharmacy benefit managers are a lot like car dealers

Fierce Healthcare
Like a car dealership, it’s hard to know a PBM’s actual costs or how that impacts what patients pay…Read More.

AMA, AHA Call For Drug Pricing Transparency, Increased Competition

Inside Health Policy
Representatives from the American Medical Association and the American Hospital Association called for increased drug pricing transparency and reduced regulations to increase competition at a panel on Monday (Sept. 25) on the cost of drugs at America’s Health Insurance Plans’ Medicare conference…Read More.

Abusive, Opaque PBM Pricing Schemes Receive More Attention Over Summer Congressional Recess

As New State Laws Target Anti-Consumer PBM “Clawbacks,” ABC News Reports on Related Lawsuits…Read More.

Pharmacy chains accused of overcharging for generic drugs

ABC News
Watch Here.

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