Established in 2014, the Senior Care Pharmacy Coalition (SCPC) is a non-profit advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C. dedicated to representing the exclusive legislative and regulatory interests of independent Long Term Care (LTC) pharmacies and the vulnerable patients they serve, an increasing number of which are rehabilitation-oriented.

SCPC members maintain operations in 40 states, serve approximately 400,000 beds, and generate $1.7 billion in annual revenues. No other organization in Washington focuses solely on the public policy priorities unique to this increasingly dynamic LTC pharmacy sector — which is rapidly expanding its valuable services beyond traditional institutional settings to assisted living facilities (ALFs), and other residential and community-based environments.

Federal legislative and regulatory changes are making it increasingly difficult for independent LTC pharmacies to fulfill their professional obligation to provide not only medications, but also the key consultative services that help improve patient outcomes and, ultimately, reduce hospital readmissions and related costs to taxpayers.

Our collective mission is to ensure federal lawmakers, regulators, and the broader healthcare community gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of LTC pharmacies’ unique value proposition, and how they are part of the solution to meeting the staggering demographic, fiscal and health policy challenges facing America.

Consequently, SCPC is committed to pursuing positive, bipartisan, data-driven policy solutions aimed at protecting patients, improving the quality of healthcare across a shifting care continuum, and strengthening the economic viability of the independent LTC pharmacy sector and its ongoing ability to affect these vital national health policy objectives.




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