About Us

SCPC is the national organization representing long-term care pharmacies in Washington, DC.

Operating in every state, SCPC’s LTC pharmacy members expertly serve approximately 850,000 patients daily with essential medications and oversight to improve health outcomes. SCPC represents the interests of its 325 members before Congress and the administration to ensure LTC pharmacies can serve patients with high-quality, affordable care safely.

LTC pharmacies serve one of our nation’s most vulnerable populations, as a typical LTC pharmacy patient suffers from multiple complex and chronic conditions and cognitive impairment, and takes 12-13 prescription medications a day.  Our patients live in skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), assisted living facilities (ALFs), in the community and other long-term care settings.

LTC pharmacies play an essential role in our health care system—one that is significantly different from and often more complex than that of a typical retail pharmacy. Working alongside other members of the care team, LTC pharmacies deliver life-saving medications and essential clinical and medication management services to individuals living in long-term care settings. The patient care services they provide are crucial in ensuring the very best health outcomes for the individuals they serve.


Our Mission

SCPC was established in 2014 as a non-profit advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C. to represent the interests of our nation’s long-term care pharmacies (LTC). Today, with 325 members operating in almost every state across the country, the mission of SCPC is to ensure lawmakers, regulators and other decisionmakers understand the distinct, essential role of LTC pharmacies in delivering essential patient care services and improving health outcomes among one of our nation’s most vulnerable populations.


What We Do

As the voice of the long-term care (LTC) pharmacy community, SCPC advocates for public policies that support LTC pharmacies in delivering essential patient care services and improving health outcomes.

We connect SCPC LTC pharmacies with members of Congress to demonstrate the essential role they play in communities across the country and in our nation’s health care system and the diverse settings in which LTC pharmacies provide these services.

Who We Serve

SCPC members coordinate pharmacy services for approximately 850,000 patients daily in skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), assisted living facilities (ALFs) and other long-term care settings.

LTC pharmacies coordinate with a patient’s care team to carefully manage, monitor and support the unique needs of people who need long-term care, services, and supports across a variety of settings, from nursing facilities to home.

About LTC Pharmacies

LTC pharmacies serve a unique and essential role in our health care system, working alongside other providers to deliver high-quality, cost-effective, coordinated care to patients in various long-term care settings.

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Our Members

SCPC proudly represents 325 long-term care pharmacies across the country. Through our organization, SCPC members work together through our organization to improve patient care and enhance health outcomes.

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Our Business Partners

SCPC works closely with its business partners to ensure the future of the long-term care pharmacy community. Our business partners represent long-term care pharmacies in 47 states nationwide.

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A Message from SCPC's President & CEO

Given the state of health care today, our nation’s long-term care pharmacy community has never been more important. The Senior Care Pharmacy Coalition (SCPC) was founded in 2014 and is the only nationwide organization dedicated exclusively to the public policy and advocacy interests of long-term care pharmacies and the patients we serve. LTC pharmacies play a distinct and unique role in our health care system—one that is markedly different from retail pharmacies and other care providers.

SCPC represents 325 long-term care pharmacies that provide patient services to more than 850,000 individuals living in long-term care settings, with some living in assisted living facilities and others residing at home. We serve as a unified voice for our members, advocating for policies and reforms that will allow all LTC pharmacies to better serve their patients and continue improving health outcomes for this vulnerable population. The individuals we serve have unique health care needs and require highly coordinated and precise care management. Our member pharmacies provide these services everyday throughout the year to ensure our patients receive the medications they need.

Since our inception, SCPC has provided LTC pharmacies with a strong and unified voice in important policy discussions at the federal level. We played an integral role in ensuring LTC pharmacies and our patients were recognized in legislation to address the opioid crisis and supported efforts to improve payments and reduce administrative burdens for LTC pharmacies under Medicare Part D. SCPC also worked to modify regulatory requirements from the FDA that would have undermined care for patients in LTC facilities. And today, we continue to advocate for change that will improve LTC pharmacies’ ability to serve their patients and improve health outcomes.

Thank you for visiting the SCPC website to learn more about long-term care pharmacies and our organization. As president and CEO of SCPC, I am proud of our members’ ongoing efforts and am optimistic about the future of LTC pharmacies in the United States.



Alan G. Rosenbloom

President & CEO