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2023 Report

PBMs and Long-Term Care Pharmacies

SCPC provided a report to the Federal Trade Commission as part of its market study of PBMs detailing the effects of PBMs’ anticompetitive behavior on long-term care pharmacies.


2023 Report

The Role of Long-Term Care Pharmacy in Supporting Individuals With Long-Term Services and Support Needs

SCPC engaged ATI Advisory to conduct case studies profiling LTC pharmacies that have extended services into community settings. This brief profiles the patient populations these pharmacies serve, the pharmacies’ relationships with and satisfaction among patients and families, as well as the pharmacies’ services, care delivery models, and potential impacts on care costs and quality.


2023 One-Pager

New Report Underscores Unique Role of Long-Term Care Pharmacies in Assuring Patient Safety, Improving Health Outcomes, and Lowering Healthcare Costs

Long-term care (LTC) pharmacies are a critical component of our healthcare system, supporting hundreds of thousands of individuals with some of the most complex care needs nationwide. LTC pharmacies provide careful, long-term medication management as well as patient andcaregiver education to reduce the barriers that typically hinder use of prescription medications.


2023 Analysis

Medicare Beneficiaries with Long-Term Care Needs by Setting

SCPC engaged ATI Advisory to assess the characteristics of Medicare beneficiaries with long-term care (LTC) needs who receive help in the community, in assisted living, and in nursing homes.


2023 Brief

A Profile of Medicare Beneficiaries by Long-Term Care Need and Residence Type

SCPC engaged ATI Advisory to conduct a study of Medicare beneficiaries with LTC needs by type of residence, compared to other Medicare beneficiaries without LTC needs.


2021 Analysis

Understanding the Long-Term Care Needs of the Medicare Population and the Role of Long-Term Care Pharmacies in Addressing this Need

SCPC and ATI Advisory have researched a new analysis that shows that individuals with long-term care (LTC) needs have similar medical and pharmacy expenses and complexity regardless of whether they reside in the community or a facility setting.


2021 Brief

Expanding Long-Term Care Pharmacy in Home and Community-Based Settings: Understanding and Addressing the Barriers

SCPC and ATI Advisory assessed operational and policy barriers to bringing long-term care (LTC) pharmacy services into home and community-based settings.



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