Health Mart: New National Ad Campaign Aimed at Medicare Part D Beneficiaries

With the New Year, many Medicare Part D patients may notice changes in their co-pays and look to switch pharmacies. The multimedia campaign remindsMedicare Part D patients that Health Mart pharmacies can help them understand their insurance and save money on their prescriptions, as many Health Marts are preferred in many Part D plans.

“January 1st will bring many changes to Medicare Part D preferred plans andHealth Mart is committed to keeping patients informed of their options. In addition to a national advertising campaign, Health Mart makes it easy for our pharmacies to create a local campaign with new Part D Savings marketing tools, including regional television, digital and social media,” said Steve Courtman, president, Health Mart. “Health Mart’s ‘Medicare D Savings’ campaign helps pharmacies bring in new Medicare Part D beneficiaries and protect the existing customer base.”

Health Mart said its campaign aims to build awareness of the Health Mart brand and attract new customers to every store in every market. National radio commercials, TV commercials, and digital advertising will run continuously throughout January 2015 and four Health Mart-branded armored cars serving as rolling billboards will visit stores in over 60 locations including Texas, Illinois,Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles, the company noted in a release.

The campaign builds on Health Mart’s ongoing efforts to support its pharmacies’ outreach to Medicare beneficiaries to help them understand their Medicare Part Doptions – such as providing discounted pricing on the iMedicare plan comparison tool, which can help compare patients’ monthly costs, coverage gaps, health benefits and enrollment options.

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