Impact of Value-Based Payment Models on Pharmacies

Pharmacies can anticipate new, specific goals that tie fee-for-service Medicare payments to value-based payment models, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

In this video, Sam Stolpe, PharmD, senior director of Quality Strategies and Business Development at Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA), talks about how the HHS has announced that there will be concrete numbers affiliated with quality goals related to aspects such as care coordination. The new model will also link value-based payments to services provided.

“What they’re distilling it down to are quantitative goals that are rather ambitious,” Dr. Stolpe says.

Inside of Medicare Part C and Part D, PQA has a number of measures embedded that will be highly influenced by pharmacists, Dr. Stolpe notes. Some examples include safe and appropriate medication use, adherence, and the use of high-risk drugs for the elderly.

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